Heeraben, PM Narendra Modi’s mother, exchanges her old notes at Gandhinagar bank

95-year-old Heeraben visited a bank branch in Gandhinagar to exchange Rs 4500 worth of currency notes that her son, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had demonetized+ . The pictures of the nonagenarian being helped to the counter come at a time when opposition parties have been criticizing the Modi government for the inconvenience the demonetisation has caused to the public+.

Pictures show Heeraben being taken in a wheelchair, holding what looks to be Rs 500 notes. She then walked into the bank, with the help of two people. Once at the counter, she can be seen signing the form.

Heeraben seems to have been given on Rs 2000 note and two bundles of Rs 10 notes among other possible denominations.

It is unclear if she used the separate queue for senior citizens+ that had been announced on Monday by the government her son leads.

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