List Of 20 Places Where You Can Still Use Your Old Rs 500 Notes! Check Them Out

Demonetization is characterized by loads of twists and turns; every other day we get to hear some new development in this move. Taking the next step against corruption and black money, Central government announced that from 24th November midnight, you can’t exchange your old notes, except at RBI counters.

From today, Rs 1000 notes are officially banned; you can only deposit them in your accounts and can’t use them anymore for paying utility bills or government allocated places.

However, there are some exemptions set by the Government; use of Rs 500 notes is extended till the 15th of December 2016 at these chosen places.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled the list of 23 places where you can still use your old currency.(Rs 500 notes)


1) You can make a purchase from consumer cooperative stores, but the limit is set to Rs 5000 at a time.

2) Government college fee

3) From 3rd December to 15th December, toll plazas will accept these old Rs 500 notes

4) Foreign exchange up to Rs 5000 per week is allowed.

5) You can purchase seeds from state-owned outlets

6) LPG gas cylinders can also be purchased

7) Petrol pumps will accept old currency till the 15th

8) Penalties, taxes and court fee can be paid with old Rs 500 notes

9) ASI monument’s entry tickets can be purchased

10) You can use them at Railway catering

11) Applicable at Railway ticket counters

12) Prescription medicines at pharmacies

13) You can use them to buy metro rail tickets

14) Burial grounds/ Crematoria will accept them

15) You can make water and electricity bill payments (Restricted to Individuals and households)

16) State government, local body, Municipality and Central Government schools will accept old notes if the fee is up to Rs 2000 per person.

17) Payments using old currency can be made at government hospitals

18) Public transport will be accepting old notes

19)Airline tickets

20) Prepaid mobile top-ups up to Rs 500

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