This Man Tried To Wash A 2000 Rupee Note. The Results Were Shocking! Must Watch.

India was taken by storm when PM Modi declared the demonetization of currency notes. It wreaked havoc among black-money holders. Commoners too are facing a lot of inconvenience.

There are long queues outside banks and ATMs everyday for exchanging money. People wait in queues for the whole day to get new currency notes of 500 and 2000.

Social media platforms are filled with selfies holding a brand new 2000 rupee note.

The currency notes are designed in such a way that no one can forge them. The influx of fake currency notes from Pakistan in India is a grave issue. It feed their terrorist cells in India.

The replication is so exact that no one is able to judge which is the right one.

RBI and experts took 6 long months to design and ensure the security of the new notes.

Recently someone uploaded a video washing the currency note of 2000. It is going viral on the Internet.

Watch the amazing results.

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